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Architecture and Interiors: Travel photography

18 Feb

One of our favorite thing to do, budget and time permitting, is to travel.  Roberto (of Roberto Farren Photography) and I have been together nearly 10 years, and our relationship is almost based on travel. I am from New England, and was living here when we first met.  Bob is a Londoner by birth, and we met while I was on vacation in England, looking at schools to apply to for my Masters program in Educational Psychology. Our first year together was spent over 3000 miles apart, but we still managed to see each other nearly 20 times, with Roberto visiting Boston a dozen times, me traveling to London 6 times, and meeting up in Portugal and Paris as well.

After that first year, we have always lived in the same country, but we’ve continued traveling together ever since!  We’ve added Germany, Spain, Scotland, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia and a number of new places in the US to our list.  We’ve also learned a lot about traveling from each other.  I come from a family where every last minute is planned, and not a site is left unseen, even if you’re seeing it from the car at 60 miles per hour.  Bob’s style of travel is to plan nothing, and experience cities by sitting in cafes and bars, trying out the language (he’s incredibly talented at picking up foreign languages), and speaking to locals. Together, we’ve found a happy medium that works great for us. I get to plan a few key sites/museums/neighborhoods that I want to visit, and in between, we relax, eat and drink in small bars and cafes.  It’s the best of both worlds!

As much fun as I have snapping away with my point and click, it’s never my photos that end up on our walls, and it’s definitely not mine that we look at when we’re feeling like taking a walk down memory lane. Architectural photography and landscape photography aren’t nearly as easy as finding a beautiful view, a stunning building or a gorgeous sunset.  I can stand behind Roberto and take the “same” photo, but the results will be entirely different.  It takes patience, timing, a knowledge of composition, an understanding of light and exposure, and a huge amount of technical expertise to capture the images he takes home from our travels.  His photographs have such warmth and vibrance that I am immediately back at that moment.  Whether I’m shivering on a lobsterman’s dock in Maine, or drinking beer in the sun in a small village in Portugal, I’m brought back to the sights, smells and laughter that we’ve had on our wonderful travels together.

I’m thrilled that Roberto has now launched a new branch to his photography business, and in addition to shooting weddings and events, he will now be shooting architecture, interiors and landscape over at RF Photography.  More on his new venture to come!


Your first dance: Awesome songs that aren’t “that song from Armageddon”

29 Jun

I had a long drive yesterday, which meant a long time alone with my radio.  Just short of the hour mark, one of my favorite non-traditional wedding songs came on the radio, and as I bopped happily along, I started thinking of some of the best first dance songs I’ve heard at weddings while working with Roberto Farren Photography.  Here are three of my faves…

  • A Thousand Years, Christina Perri – If you’re not a 14-year-old girl, you might not recognize this as a song from the Twilight saga, but it is.  However there is actually some amazing music (Radiohead, Muse, Iron & Wine) on these soundtracks, so I feel like it’s still acceptable, and this is a really lovely song which is perfect for your first slow dance with your new spouse.  Side note: During Will and Christine’s wedding, Christine surprised Will by singing and playing piano in an AMAZING version of this song for her new husband.  Roberto captured the replay of this moment at their East Coast celebration in Boston.  I would have helped, but I was in the corner bawling my eyes out.
Roberto Farren Photography

Cassandra and Sean spin their way through their first dance as a married couple at their recent Boston wedding.

  • This is the First Day of My Life, Bright Eyes – Some of my favorite lyrics over a tinkling, happy melody, this song is about admitting that your love has swept over you so ferociously, that it’s hard to remember what came before it.  Reader challenge: Check out the awesome video for this sweet song. If you don’t find yourself grinning or tearing up 1.) you’re probably lying and 2.) have a look at this smiling baby goat, because you need to have your heart thawed out a bit.
Roberto Farren Photography

Lynn and Joe burned up the floor during their first dance at their wedding in Maine.

  • Into my Arms, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – One you don’t hear very often at weddings, but Nick Cave’s voice is melted butter.  The lyrics are irreverent and revering at the same time, and something about his voice and his serious, dark eyes makes you realize that this love is no joke.  Definitely one of those songs that can make the breath catch in your chest, and a show-stopper for the right couple’s first dance.

Definitely more on this topic to come, but for now I’m signing off.  Have a great weekend and…

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Roberto Farren Photography


“Even after all this time…”

19 Jun

“Even after all this time,the sun never says to the earth ‘You owe me’.
Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky.”


Roberto Farren Photography

Kennebunkport, Maine

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