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Architecture and Interior Photography – Unique, sustainable homes

4 Jun

My husband, Roberto Farren, is an architecture and interior photographer that works with realtors, contractors, interior designers and architects to capture residential, business and landscape photography.  Motivated by his love and skill of landscape photography, Roberto is establishing himself as a professional architectural photographer in the Boston and New England area.

As such, our car-based travels have taken on a new feature. Gone are the days of the license plate game, Punch Buggy, or my favorite, dozing in the front passenger seat.  Instead, we are constantly on the lookout for unique homes, restaurants, or businesses that Roberto might photograph.  He recently photographed the excellent Carrie Nation Cocktail club and speakeasy in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, as well as a Brookline, MA home that had a secret wine cellar hidden behind a false bookshelf.

Recently, however, I’ve become obsessed with a type of home that I didn’t even know existed: the Shipping Container home.

Sleek and modern looking, with way more light than you’d think, these structures are made of multiple recycled shipping containers joined together and updated.

There are a number of things to think about if you’re considering using shipping containers in a build, including the availability and location of containers, heating/cooling/ventilation, and finding local vendors that are skilled and experienced in this type of construction, but if you can pull it off, you might just end up with an incredibly unique space that is secure, green and economical!

Some additional reading on this type of home/build can be found here:

If you’ve got a shipping container home or build that you’d like to have photographed, get in touch with Roberto to discuss options!

Opening a Restaurant? Here’s one mistake not to make…

19 Feb

It’s not an uncommon dream to want to start a restaurant… I admit, it’s definitely something I fantasize about from time to time, particularly when I’m resting happily after a successful dinner party.  And there have definitely been a number of beer-aided discussions of exactly what it would look like if I were to create my own menu for any of the London pubs that we frequent when we’re visiting our family and friends (Main takeaways from these brainstorms: fewer overcooked, gray hamburgers and more buffalo wings!)

Unfortunately, as easy as it is to dream about, actually opening and running a successful restaurant is incredibly difficult. Hundreds of articles, books and blog posts discuss how and why restaurants don’t succeed.  The commonly held myth that 9 out of 10 restaurants fail in the first year has since been replaced by the data-backed statistic that approximately 60% don’t make it, but that’s still an edgy number onto which you might pin your dream.

Articles related to starting a restaurant:

These days, the recipes can only get you so far.  Any new business, particularly a small business coming into an already crowded market, needs a good marketing plan.  One of the best ways I’ve been taught about marketing is also one of the simplest:  To market effectively, don’t think about how you would sell your product or service, rather think about the value of the product or service, and market that. For example, if you’re trying to market a house cleaning service, instead of trying to sell a clean bathroom and laundered clothes, think of yourself as selling potential clients free time with their families, lower stress when they have fewer things on their to do list, and a relaxing environment to come home to.

As part of a good marketing strategy, you’ll need a website, a social media presence (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc) and print materials, and part of creating a strong set of online and hard copy marketing materials is getting the photography right.  A surprising number of websites, pamphlets and menus have poor photos, which can make a business look tired, dated, and put them at a disadvantage right from the start.

There’s a pretty good amount of data that shows exactly how people look at websites – the research is fascinating and insightful:

Google results for any search string will return tens, hundreds, even thousands of items.  Potential customers and clients are not short of choices, and making the upfront investment in professional photography for your business helps you present a professional and polished image, which keeps people reading your site or materials, and increases the chance that they will inquire about your services or products.

Roberto Farren Photography has recently launched a new branch of his photography business, specializing in capturing the architectural and interior design of your space, as well as the details of your small business.  Get in touch to see how professional photography can be the first step in creating a successful marketing strategy, and give your small business the best possible chance of success!

RFP Architecture, Interior and Landscape Photography

Architecture and Interiors: Travel photography

18 Feb

One of our favorite thing to do, budget and time permitting, is to travel.  Roberto (of Roberto Farren Photography) and I have been together nearly 10 years, and our relationship is almost based on travel. I am from New England, and was living here when we first met.  Bob is a Londoner by birth, and we met while I was on vacation in England, looking at schools to apply to for my Masters program in Educational Psychology. Our first year together was spent over 3000 miles apart, but we still managed to see each other nearly 20 times, with Roberto visiting Boston a dozen times, me traveling to London 6 times, and meeting up in Portugal and Paris as well.

After that first year, we have always lived in the same country, but we’ve continued traveling together ever since!  We’ve added Germany, Spain, Scotland, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia and a number of new places in the US to our list.  We’ve also learned a lot about traveling from each other.  I come from a family where every last minute is planned, and not a site is left unseen, even if you’re seeing it from the car at 60 miles per hour.  Bob’s style of travel is to plan nothing, and experience cities by sitting in cafes and bars, trying out the language (he’s incredibly talented at picking up foreign languages), and speaking to locals. Together, we’ve found a happy medium that works great for us. I get to plan a few key sites/museums/neighborhoods that I want to visit, and in between, we relax, eat and drink in small bars and cafes.  It’s the best of both worlds!

As much fun as I have snapping away with my point and click, it’s never my photos that end up on our walls, and it’s definitely not mine that we look at when we’re feeling like taking a walk down memory lane. Architectural photography and landscape photography aren’t nearly as easy as finding a beautiful view, a stunning building or a gorgeous sunset.  I can stand behind Roberto and take the “same” photo, but the results will be entirely different.  It takes patience, timing, a knowledge of composition, an understanding of light and exposure, and a huge amount of technical expertise to capture the images he takes home from our travels.  His photographs have such warmth and vibrance that I am immediately back at that moment.  Whether I’m shivering on a lobsterman’s dock in Maine, or drinking beer in the sun in a small village in Portugal, I’m brought back to the sights, smells and laughter that we’ve had on our wonderful travels together.

I’m thrilled that Roberto has now launched a new branch to his photography business, and in addition to shooting weddings and events, he will now be shooting architecture, interiors and landscape over at RF Photography.  More on his new venture to come!

Welcome to ‘Assisting Bob’ – Roberto Farren Photography

17 Jun

My work life, while enjoyable and fulfilling to me, is not particularly exciting (at least on paper).  I have an educational/administrative role at a hospital whose clinicians and researchers are compassionate, dedicated, and at times, revolutionary.  I work Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00 at a job I enjoy, but one that has nothing to do with weddings, photography, or charming Englishmen.

But on the weekends, I get to dabble in all three, as I assist my husband, Roberto Farren of Roberto Farren Photography as he photographs weddings throughout Boston, Massachusetts, and New England.

Roberto Farren Photography

The wind lent a hand for this stunning shot at Chris and Sara’s recent Boston wedding.

I’ve got little skill with the camera, but what I CAN do is organize humans.  In addition to superior upper body strength (stop laughing, I’m actually quite strong) and the ability to turn into a walking coat-rack when the bridesmaids get chilly, my role as the photographer’s assistant largely revolves around human wrangling.  I count down the minutes and seconds until aisle-time to allow for Roberto to have as many photographs as possible with the Bride before she becomes a “Mrs”.  I politely extract the best man from the bar when he is needed for photos.  I chase down cuff links for the groom so he has no chance of accidentally peeping his bride-to-be before the sneak peak.  I’ve also been known to bustle when the mother of the bride’s fingers are shaking too much to find the always-tiny buttons (“Hi, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Erin, and I’m assisting Roberto today… I’ll just be climbing under your dress for a moment….”).  I am the keeper of the shot list, the finder of elusive great aunts, and the soother of cranky babies.

I’ve made that sound a lot more important than it is, but I do love assisting.  I get to work with my husband, and watch him capture wonderful wedding photographs, which is a delight in itself.  As a wedding photographer, he sees things in ways that sometimes don’t even make sense to me.  His artistic eye is so unique that whether he is photographing families, landscapes, or wedding portraits, I am often overwhelmed by the difference between what I’m seeing with my own eyes, and what he can capture through his lens.

Roberto Farren Photography

Assisting during landscape photography usually involves patience, comfortable shoes, and insect repellent, but it’s worth it!

Most of the day, I won’t be directly needed, as Roberto gets into the zone and will only need me for the odd lens change or lighting assist.  This means that I get to spend a good deal of the wedding day people watching, and taking in the traditions, details, and happiness of the day.  I’ve cried happy tears at every single wedding that I’ve assisted (my record is six times in one wedding) and I am always struck at how lucky we are that, despite the stress and planning that is involved in many weddings, we get to work in an industry that celebrates love, happiness, and people that literally can’t live without each other.

This blog is going to touch a bit on wedding photography, but mostly I’ll be writing about the things that make me tear up, the wonderful diversity of wedding traditions we observe, and the moments that take my breath away at weddings.

Happy reading!


Roberto Farren Photography