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Shoes, Crowns and Tea: Weaving Traditions into your Wedding Celebration

24 Jun

Depending on your cultural, ethnic or religious background, there may be traditions that are already built into your wedding celebration.  As an assistant to wonderful wedding photographer Roberto Farren, I have the opportunity to see the the wedding traditions of so many people, and it is fascinating to learn about different cultures by experiencing the way they celebrate love and marriage.  Here are a few of my favorites!

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Dirk and Dior play the ‘shoe game’ at their German wedding reception.

  • Dirk and Dior were married in Germany a few years ago, and played the ‘shoe game’ at their reception.  Organized by the maid of honor and the best man, this game seats the newlyweds back-to-back.  After removing their shoes and swapping one, they answer questions by holding up whoever’s shoe they think best fits the question.  This game is hilarious, and watching the couple battle over who does the dishes or who is the better driver is always a crowd-pleaser at weddings.
Roberto Farren Photography

Cassandra and Sean share a quick moment together after their Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony.

  • At Cassandra and Sean’s Greek Orthodox wedding in Boston, the couple opted for a full religious ceremony.  Celebrated at Cassandra’s family’s parish, the wedding celebration was a wonderful ritual combining the symbols and words of the sacrament.  From the traditional Greek Orthodox crowning with the “Stéfana”, or wedding crowns, to the ceremonial walk which symbolizes the bond between man and wife, the ceremony was a wonderful display of their commitment and faith.
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Will and Christine celebrated their wedding with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.

  • Christine and Will’s autumn wedding last year included a Chinese tea ceremony.  Already married on the west coast, they included the tea ceremony in their New England wedding celebrations in a nod to the heritage of Will’s family.  During this lovely ceremony, the newlyweds serve tea to members of their families, who then present the couple with a ‘lai see‘, or lucky red envelope, which contains a gift.  Interestingly, the amount of the gift will traditionally reflect a number that represents good luck, good will, or happiness.

However you decide to celebrate your wedding, don’t forget to incorporate traditions.  Your marriage is a new chapter in the much longer story of your families, and honoring the traditions that have passed down through the generations is definitely not something you will regret when planning your wedding.  And if you don’t have or don’t want certain traditions in your ceremony, you can always have fun starting your own!

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