A DOMA round up: Love wins!

27 Jun

As a photographer’s assistant, I spend a lot of time at weddings (usually half in tears) with couples celebrating their love and commitment.  Whatever your personal thoughts on marriage are, yesterday was a pretty epic day in the USA with big wins for equality, civil liberties and love.  Instead of my own words, today I’m bringing together a group of resources that are more informed, heartfelt, and funny than I could ever hope to create.

Facts and Background:

How various news outlets reported the overturning of DOMA and Prop 8:


Edie Windsor celebrates the overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act with supporters at New York’s famous historic Stonewall Inn. Photo by JJ Keyes at Queerty.com.


Sigh.  Aren’t love and equality dreamy?  Are you new to wedding planning now that DOMA and Prop 8 are finally overturned?  We love love.  Drop us a line at Roberto Farren Photography to talk about your proposal, engagement, or wedding photography needs.

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Roberto Farren Photography


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